We make use of our skills for the benefit of other countries and we make use of our overseas experience in Japan.

We are involved in ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects for the coastal conservation or environmental protection of other countries. We provide safe living to the residents in small island nations and help to protect their beautiful nature.

    - Reference and Leveling Survey, In-depth and Shoreline Survey - Research of the ecology of coral reefs - GIS database -Port/ Fishery planning, designing and management - Planning of the coastal conservation, the coastal spatial and protection of coral reef - Consensus building - Construction Management

Typical Consulting Services and Outcomes

  • Overseas Experience

    We have worked on projects for planning the coastal conservation and coral reef protection for six island nations.

  • Planning for the Coastal Conservation in Bali (JICA)

    To prevent serious coastal erosion, we planned the implements of the coastal conservation projects and continuous management method considering environment and social aspect (Photo is the situation of Kuta beach after the improvement project)

  • Planning for the Coastal Conservation in Mauritius (JICA)

    We gave technical training for the preservation of the coral reef and built the management implement by GIS in order to study the measurement of the coastal erosion and develop ability of the institution related to the government of Mauritius (Photo is a scene of technical training to staffs of the government institution).

  • Gravel Nourishment Pilot Project for the Coastal Disaster Prevention(JICA)

    We proposed the gravel nourishment as a temporary treatment and implemented the survey and design of artificial beach nourishment to prevent the land of Tuvalu from disappearing underwater because of global warming. Also we gave technical training of survey and monitoring to the engineers of the government of Tuvalu. (Photo is a scene of giving training of survey to the staff of the government)