From Fukushima to the World!
We keep challenging in infinite fields.

Futaba Inc. has been building up our experience and brushing up our skills in survey and designing fields for a long time. The fields of our activities reach globally and we are helping to solve various problems which our customers are facing through our specialized consulting.

Futaba Inc. will make surveying easier by utilizing new technologies.

  • UAV

    We are able to survey anywhere from above. We confirm the signal, magnetic field and the height of the ground before surveying with our UAV.

  • 3D Laser Scanner

    We are able to acquire 360°densely point cloud data in a single measurement).

  • Mobile Mapping System

    By mounting and setting up a 3D laser scanner onto a car, collecting high-density point clouds with high-speed is possible.

  • Mini Radio Control Boat

    We are able to see the condition of the bottom of the sea or lakes easily where it would otherwise be hard for manned boats to reach.

  • VR System

    We are able to go into a 3D dense point cloud world with VR head set.

  • 3D Printer

    We are able to print out 3D models from point clouds which were collected by a laser scanner.

Quantity list of our machines

  • Total Station(Auto-Tracking)3
  • GNSS6
  • Digital Level1
  • Auto Level1
  • 3D Laser Scanner2
  • Mobile Mapping System1
  • UAV3
  • Radio Control Boat1
  • Echo Sounder1
  • Small Ship2
  • Two seated boat with an outboard motor1
  • VR System1
  • 3D Printer1