With outstanding analysis, we support a wide range of fields such as; infrastructure, maintenance and environmental conservation.

We work on the construction of a universal database and produce a consulting service in order to utilize collected geospatial information for creating a better society.

-Spatial Information Analysis -Database Construction -Geospatial Information -Photographic Analysis

Typical Consulting Services and Outcomes

  • 3D Archives with Point Cloud

    We process 3D point cloud data analysis to archived infrastructure, environment and historical spots. Through movies and virtual reality with this 3D data, many people now can experience these 3D archives.

  • 3D Survey of Archaeological Properties

    From 3D point cloud data, we create plans and sectional drawings.

  • Soil Volume Calculation

    We calculate and propose highly accurate data for the soil volume before and after construction by 3D point cloud data.

  • Image of Final Outcome of the Seaside GIS and Database of Ocean Environment in Mauritius

    In this project, we created a database compilation of the situation of damage caused by erosion, coral reef ecology, past and present damage and future risk from fundamental investigations. These investigations also include the analysis and arrangement for the utilization of beach, social economy condition of the ocean conservation infrastructure such as bulkhead, property and population, social capital and its maintenance situation, and the natural conditions including oceanographic phenomena and topography.

  • Waterworks Register GIS

    In this project, the waterworks registry recorded on paper and PDF files was digitalized and the waterworks registry information was given on the map.