We have been improving our survey skills since Futaba Inc. was established and now those skills are developing further with cutting- edge technologies.

We have worked in various fields and have developed our survey skills. With the newest machines, we are able to survey speedily and safely even under tough conditions.

- Loss Compensation Business - Topographic Surveying - Cadastral or Boundary Surveying - Land Surveying with GNSS/TS - Bathymetric by 3D Surveying and Radio Controlled Boat - Research with Drones/ 3D Surveying - Reference Point Surveying/ Leveling - Hydrographic Surveying

Typical Consulting Services and Outcomes

  • Foundational Surveying

    We work on total survey works from reference point surveying to boundary surveying.

  • Photographic Surveying by Drones

    We create orthomosaic mapping and 3D point cloud from photos taken by drones.

  • 3D Surveying

    We compose 3D point cloud data of land reclamations, roads or buildings by surveying with a 3D laser scanner.